Santa Maria Nuova is a small hamlet a few kilometres away from Jesi, the town known as “la Milano delle Marche”. Here, Alberto spent all his childhood and teenage holidays. This is the land of his mother, grandfather and great-grandfather.

This small hamlet, immersed in the green of olive groves and countryside and surrounded by hills, is located 40 kilometres away from the sea.

His childhood in touch with this beautiful nature affected his soul sowing in its heart the seeds of an infinite love for these lands.

IN 2016

Terre d’Eccezione comes to life. This project comes out as a result of a radical lifestyle change, when opening a new chapter of your own life story has become clear.

In this way, Alberto, born in Switzerland of Italian parents and Stefania, a Genevan, decided to reach the lands of Alberto’s ancestors, together with their 2 children.

Working closely in touch with nature has always been one of their main desire, for they have always been extremely interested in ecological matters and the protection of natural environments.

They left behind their personal and working life immersed in a chaotic city like Geneva in order to make their dream come true: living and growing their children in touch with nature and sharing the deep love towards the immense variety and authenticity of the region hosting them, Le Marche.

Their attention has always been extremely focused not only to food but also to food producers, since, to a certain extent, we are what we eat and our food affects our body and our mind.

For such a reason, joined in the desire to live as close as possible to natural cycles, they bought some lands and started an organic agricultural activity, for producing with due regard to nature and its precious biodiversity is an unquestionable call.



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