Bring the basics to the table

The basic raw staple of Mediterranean diet par excellence. Extra virgin olive oil is especially known for its monounsaturated fatty acids and the sheer abundance of polyphenols and vitamin E, two antioxidants safeguarding cell membranes and oxygen-carrying red blood cells.

Besides preventing cell ageing, high-quality extra virgin olive oil reduces bad cholesterol (LDL) levels without affecting good cholesterol (HDL) levels in the slightest. Sheer cold-pressed oil is a tasty dressing and an excellent way of fighting cardiovascular risk as well.

Extra virgin oil consumption is an excellent source of benefic properties for the well-being of our system.

Raw or cooked?

Our suggestion is to go raw, even though strictly extra virgin olive oil is no harm in cooked food. Thanks to its high percentage of oleic acid, its smoke point is very high and stable at high temperatures.