What does IEVOO mean?

IEVOO is the term with which we have christened our Italian organic extra virgin olive oil (Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil).

Where is our IEVOO produced?

Our oil comes from our olive groves in the Marche region. A special region with a unique microclimate for high quality extra virgin olive oil. Visit our region here.

What is the meaning of olive oil in Italy?

The olive tree has been an integral part of the life of the peninsula since ancient times. Known as an emblem of knowledge, wisdom, abundance, health, power and beauty, olives have been the center of legends, traditions and religious practices dating back over 4,000 years. Olive oil was used to anoint kings and athletes, as the main source of light fuel, and as a beauty flake in which people bathed for its natural healing powers.

What makes an oil extra virgin?

To be considered “extra virgin”, olive oil must have an acidity of less than 0.8%. Since each harvest is unique, these quantities naturally always vary slightly.

What does our IEVOO taste like?

Our IEVOO are fruity, bitter and spicy, with particular aftertastes depending on the variety.

What is that intense flavor of the IEVOO that you taste?

It is the precise brand of extra virgin quality. Bitter and spicy are the proof of the presence of polyphenols, these famous antioxidants with so many beneficial properties for health.

Is our IEVOO organic?

Yes. All of our olive groves are managed according to the protocol of organic farming. The oil mill, where the olives are pressed, is also organic certified.

Can you tell me more about your production methods?

The olives are harvested by hand from our olive trees and taken directly to the mill, where the cold extraction will take place in a day. Speed is crucial throughout this process, as the deterioration process begins shortly after harvesting.

The cold extraction involves the grinding of olives at or less than 27 degrees centigrade (our mill grinds between 19 and 23 degrees centigrade). The paste is then processed in a decanter so that the oil, solid residues and water can be separated. The oil that is recovered is stored in stainless steel tanks in the absence of O2, where it awaits for the order before being bottled.

Curiosity: cold-extracted olive oil is leaps and bounds better than that pressed stuff you’ve been buying. Low-quality producers will press their olives at high heat. This method produces much more oil per olive, but destroys most of the nutritional value. We’re quality-driven, not quantity-driven, and that’s reflected in our extraction method. Nutritional value and organoleptic quality are our mission.

Does the IEVOO have an expiration date?

It is best to use extra virgin olive oil within 18 months (see the expiry date on the product).

Is your IEVOO gluten-free, vegan, and kosher?

Although we do not have the certifications our oil is made with olives, and absolutely nothing else. Therefore, it is naturally gluten-free, vegan and kosher.

How do I use the IEVOO?

The beauty of our GEVOO is that it can be used on truly every style dish – be it making an egg scramble, salad dressing, baked fish, soups, and beyond. See our recipe library, or checkout our 5 Terre d’Eccezione favorites for inspiration.

What is the best way to store oil?

The IEVOO has 2 main enemies: light and heat. These are the 2 factors that cause the oxidation of the super food and therefore degrade its quality. A cool place away from light sources is recommended for optimal storage.